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A few years ago I had the extreme pleasure of co-hosting the Mixer Dev Show with my friend, colleague, and all-around-good-guy @AechDub. Unfortunately, the Mixerverse imploded and things like their YouTube channel got caught up in chaos and deleted. Fortunately, some friends gave me a tip off and I managed to download the old shows […]

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Kubernetes Pods Explained

Kubernetes Pods can be an interesting concept to get your head around. Despite the fact that the idea is pretty simple, many people often have trouble figuring out the relationships between pods and all of the other Kubernetes components. In this brief article I will describe pods and how they are used. (more…)

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Multiple Roles Per User in WordPress

WordPress started out simple. Since its initial 1.0 release, WordPress has added many user-focused features such as plugins, themeing, custom menus, custom post types, widgets and just about everything else we now have come to love and expect from WordPress – including a permissions system. A permissions system that has encountered a good deal of […]

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